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Last update January 12, 1996

7.2.1 CFC Phase-out Activity at JPL

The following is a list of JPL individuals that have responsibility related to the issue of CFC replacement
 and Precision Cleaning. 

Section  Name             Phone          Responsibility or interest
No.                       (818-35...)
349      Charles Bodie 	  4-2846	 He has a Summer Student working on documenting alternatives - 
                                          in coordination with S. Holmes.
         Kirk Bonner 	  4-1320 	 Looking for CFC replacement for Section 349 (M.C. 103-106).
353      Dave Bame	  4-3658	 Cleaning Room Technician. Responsible for precision cleaning of
                                          propulsion equipment and subsystems.  Used to use the JPL Spec SF-504574C
                                          for cleaning metallic propulsion devices.  For WF/PC II he issued with
                                          Dan Taylor an aid document 57777.  (M.C. 233-103)
         Hank Delgado 	  4-5661 	 Propulsion Group Leader. (M.C. 233-103)
         Jay Dettinger	  4-6402	 Propulsion Group Supervisor. (M.C. 233-103)
         Phil Garrison    4-3575	 Section Manager, Propulsion issues. (M.C. 125-224)
355      Tim O'Donnell	  4-5465	 Deputy Section Manager, 355, and Coordinator for NASA M&P Standards (M.C. 125-112)
         Yoseph Bar-Cohen 4-2610	 Altenate for NASA M&P Standards (M.C. 125-112)
         Cheng Hsieh	  4-8105	 Supervisor, Flight Materials & Processes Eng. Group (M.C. 125-112)
         Lisa McHugh	  4-2411	 Looking for CFC replacement for Section 355 (M.C. 125-112)
         Dan Taylor	  4-3711	 Has contamination test facility.
         David Soules	  4-9725
         Glenn Aveni	  4-4939	 Issued recently a cleaning document for CASSINI.
         Jack Barengoltz  4-2516	 Has contamination test facility.
512      Phil Barela	  4-6870	 He is involved in the issue of precision cleaning of printed wiring assembly.   
602      Sharon Holmes	  4-8630	 Coordinating for JPL Safety Office and reporting annually regarding the
                                          phasing out of Ozone depleting materials.