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Last update January 12, 1996

7.3 M&P News (Updates, Newsletters, etc.)

 1. The M&P Mosaic Homepage System, Worldwide Web (WWW), was updated on March 10, 1995 and it is 
    now Version 1.2.  New information was added and the filing system was simplified to handle the growing
    number of Materials and Processes information files. 

 2. The most recent Version of NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows is 2.0 Alpha 7.0 and it is much faster 
    than previous versions.

 3. Baseline documents for each of the five high priority issues identified by the NASA M&P Working Group 
    are now accessible NASA-Only through option of the NASA M&P Homepage system.

 4. The M&P Homepage System is now accessible without restrictions unless otherwise specified.