NASA Materials and Processes (M&P) Homepage

This is the NASA M&P Homepage system. It is being served at JPL's Engineering Data Management System (EDMS) under the auspices of JPL Section 354, Science and Engineering Develoment Section. This information archive is supported by NASA Headquarters, Code AE.

For more information you can contact:
Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Cheng Hsieh or Tim O'Donnell

Last update May 17, 1996
The NASA M&P Homepage system is available on the Internet via the World Wide Web (WWW).   
It was established in July 1994 to serve as a tool for the development of NASA wide Specifications, repository/
archive of NASA M&P Standards documentation, a gateway to other related Homepage systems, and means of 
communication among the NASA M&P community.  This Homepage is under the direct responsibility of JPL and is 
developed in coordination with NASA's Office of Chief Engineer, NASA Headquarters, Code AE and Marshall Space
Flight Center (MSFC), Huntsville, AL.  The NASA HQ coordinator is Richard Weinstein and the MSFC manager for the
M&P Program is Frank Key.  The JPL M&P Standards Coordinator is Cheng Hsieh and the alternates are Yoseph Bar-Cohen 
Tim O'Donnell.  

As part of NASA HQ effort in the area of Materials and Processes Standards a NASA Working Group was established. 
Each of the NASA Centers is represented by a lead Coordinator and at least one Alternate.  The following are the 
individuals that are responsible for the NASA M&P Standards activity.

NASA HQ Engineering Standards Program Manager: Richard Weinstein

NASA M&P Standards Program Manager: Frank Key

Homepage coordinator: Yoseph Bar-Cohen

The Working Group members' name/address/phone/fax are as follows:

Mr. Richard H. Weinstein						HQ Program Manager
NASA Headquarters, Code AE
Washington, DC 20546
202-358-0538  FAX 202-358-3296

Mr. Dan Dittman								ARC Coordinator
MS 213-3
NASA AMES Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035
(415)-604-6316  FAX 415-604-4984

Dr. Roy Hampton								ARC Alternate
MS 213-3, Bldg 213
NASA AMES Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035
(415)-604-6223  FAX 415-604-4984

Dr. Roamer Predmore							GSFC Coordinator
Head, Materials Assurance Office (Code 313.A)
NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771
301-286-5953	FAX 301-286-1646

Dr. Petar Arsenovic							GSFC Alternate
GFSC, Code 313.A
Greenbelt, MD 20771
301-286-8739  Fax 301-286-1646

Mr. Richard Marriott							GSFC Alternate
Branch Manager, Materials Branch
GSFC, Code 313.0
Greenbelt, MD	20771
301-286-6882	FAX 301-286-1646

Cheng Hsieh	818-354-8105						JPL Coordinator
		FAX 818-393-4860
		Mail Stop 158-224
Yoseph Bar-Cohen  818-354-2610						JPL Alternate
		Mail Stop 125-224
Tim O'Donnell  818-354-5465						JPL Alternate
	       Mail Stop 125-112
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA. 91109
FAX 818-393-4057

Dr. Lubert J. Leger							JSC Coordinator
Johnson Space Center
Mail Code ES511,  Bldg 13, Rm 110A
Houston, TX 77058
713-483-8916  FAX 713-483-2162

Dr. Michael Pedley							JSC Alternate
Houston, TX 77058
713-483-8913  FAX 713-483-2162

Mr. Coleman J. Bryan							KSC Coordinator
Kennedy Space Center
FL 32899
407-867-4614/-4600   FAX 407-867-1670

Mr. John E. Potter							KSC Alternate
Engineering Support
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
407-867-4112  FAX 407-867-4812

Mr. Scott H. Murray							KSC Alternate
M.C. DM-MSL-22
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
407-867-3400  FAX 407-867-1670

Dr. Sheila Thibeault							LaRC Coordinator
NASA LaRC, M.S. 191
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA 23665-5225
804-864-4250  	Fax 804-864-7893

Dr. David Bowles							LaRC Alternate
NASA Langley Research Center
Applied Materials Branch, M.S. 191
Hampton, VA 23665-5225
804-864-3095    FAX 804-864-7893

Dr. Darrell Tenney 							LaRC Alternate
Chief, Materials Division, M.S. 188B
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, VA 23665-5225
804-864-3492 FAX 804-864-7729

Mr. John Reagan								LeRC Coordinator
NASA Lewis Research Center (LeRC), 
M.S. 501-4, Rm 300
21000 Brookpark Rd
Cleveland, OH 44135
216-433-2357   FAX 216-433-5270

Mr. Scott Numbers							LeRC Alternate
NASA Lewis Research Center (LeRC),
M. S. 501-4 Rm 300
21000 Brookpark Rd
Cleveland, OH 44135
216-433-2335   FAX 216-433-5270

Mr. Frank Key 								MSFC Coordinator
Code EH01, Bldg 4612
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL 35812
205-544-2483  FAX 205-544-5877

Dennis Griffin  							MSFC Alternate
Code EH43,
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL 35812
205-544-2493	FAX  205-544-5786

Dr. Ann Whitaker							MSFC Alternate
Code EH11, Bldg 4711
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL 35812
205-544-2510   FAX 205-544-5786

Dr. William W. St. Cyr 							SSC Coordinator
NASA/Science Technology Lab
Stennis Space Center, M.S. 1100
MS 39529
601-688-1134   FAX 601-688-1925

Larry deQuay 								SSC Alternate
NASA/Science Technology Lab
Stennis Space Center, M.S. GA30
MS 39529
601-688-1965   FAX 601-688-1481

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