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This is the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Ultrasonic Committee. It is being served under the auspices of the JPL's NDEAA Group. For more information you can contact: Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), e-mail:

Last update April 11,1999

1.0 ASNT's Ultrasonic Committee Activity

Ultrasonics Committee's Membership Directory

Minutes of the 95 Spring Confernce, March, 1995 Las Vegas, NV
Minutes of the 95 Fall Confernce, October, 1995, Dallas, TX
Minutes of the 96 Spring Confernce, March, 1996 Norfolk, VA
Minutes of the 96 Fall Confernce, October, 1996 Seattle, WA
Minutes of the 97 Spring Confernce, March, 1997 Houston, TX
Minutes of the 97 Fall Confernce, October, 1997 Pittsburgh, PA
Minutes of the 98 Spring Confernce, March, 1998 Anaheim, CA
Minutes of the 98 Fall Confernce, October, 1998 Nashville, TN
Minutes of the 99 Spring Confernce, March, 1999 Orlando, FL
Minutes of the 99 Fall Confernce, October, 1999 Phoenix, AZ

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