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Minutes of the Joint UTPQ & Sonics Committees

Tuesday, 21 March 1995
Las Vegas, Nevada

1.  Meeting was called to order by Dr. James Chern at 12:20 PM. Eleven members and guests attended:  
    Dr. E. James Chern (UTPQ), Claude D. Davis (PQ Division Chairman), Tim Barbour (ASNT HQ), 
    Marvin W. Trimm, Joe Mackin, K aydell Bowles (UTPQ), Eugene Chemma (UTPQ/Sonics), Arun Madhav (UTPQ), 
    Yoseph Bar-Cohen (Sonics), Dorow Kishoni (UTPQ), Mark F.A. Warchol (UTPQ/Sonics)

2.  Dr. Chern reviewed the minutes of the meeting of the ASNT Fall 1994 conference.  The minutes were 
    approved by the committee.

3.  The new members and secretary were introduced.

4.  Ed Macejak will finalize report on the UT Topical for the Fall 1995 meeting.

5.  Questions on rules of conduct for the UTPQ and Sonics committees were discussed:
    Joint meeting will be continued for the UTPQ and Sonics committees.  Makeup of the committees to be 

6.  Discussion took place as to the type of questions to be submitted for Level II and Level III.  
    It was a unanimous opinion to have questions reflect the newer trends in the industry.
    Questions should be more application oriented. All questions should be sent to Tim Barbour at ASNT HQ.
    References to unnecessary information should be purged.

7.  The new Q&A book on UT was made available for November.

8.  References in the UT Handbook are available at ASNT Headquarters.

9.  The UTPQ and Sonics Committee members should be updated on Infonet.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.