ASNT Ultrasonic/UT P&Q Committees Homepage

Minutes of the joint UTPQ and Sonics (Ultrasonics) Committees

Tuesday, 19 March 1996
Norfolk, Virginia

1. Meeting was called to order by Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen at 12:10 p.m. fifteen members and guest attended: 
Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Kaydell Bowles, Eugenne Chemma, Dr. E. James Chern, Dr. Boro Djordjevic, 
Dr. Matt Golis, Dr. Robert Green, Dr. Doron Kishoni, William Klene, Edward Macejak, Aaron Pherigo, 
James Yeh, Mark Warchol, Brad Whiteleather, Clinton Woodward (visitor).

2. Mark Warchol reviewed the minutes of the meeting of the ASNT Fall 1995 Conferences.  The minutes were 
approved by the committee.

3. Mark Warchol informed the committee of the completion of the Sonics Committee Chair Reference folder.  
This folder describes the E&Q Division, P&Q Committees, Rules of Conduct, By Laws, SOP, and other related 
material.  A similar folder will be created by Dr. Bar-Cohen for the UTPQ Committee Chair using the Sonics 
Committee material as a baseline.

3. The committee members passed a motion to elect:

for the UT P&Q committee
Chair -         Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen 
Vice-Chair -    Mark Warchol
Secretary -     Scott Miller

for the Sonics (Ultrasonics) committee 
Chair -        Mark Warchol
Vice-Chair -    Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen 
Secretary -     Scott Miller

4. The Sonics Committee passed a motion to change its name Sonics to Ultrasonics Committee, reflecting 
the major responsibility of this committee.

*Note: The motion was presented at the Technical Council meeting and accepted.  ExCom will have final say, 
but was expected to pass.

5. Dr. Bar-Cohen informed the committees members of the recent update of the Ultrasonics and UT P&Q committee 
members.  A letter was send to all on the original list that included more than two hundred individuals.  
The old members were asked to update their information and to respond only if they intend to stay active.  
The UT P&Q was the first to be updated and the list was already published in the 96 Redi Reference.  
After updating the list of both committees the membership was combined and it includes 58 members.

6. Dr. Bar-Cohen has created a Homepage for the UT/UTP&Q committees and all the Minutes of the committee 
as well as the committees membership directory and other archived information and hot link to important 
NDE web sits.  The address is:

7. To improve the communication among the members and to assure continuous contact throughout the year 
an electronic directory was generated using e-mail.  Individuals who do not have e-mail are communicated 
via fax. About 3 or 4 don't have either e-mail or fax but with the technology trend it is expected that 
these form of communication will be available to all the members.

8. Dr. Chern was asked to cover the status of old business.  He informed the committee of the efforts to 
issue Level I, II, and III Question and Answers for SNT-TC-1A.  Currently this material is being collected 
by Robert Anderson from ASNT and the current emphasis is on Levels I and II. Dr. Bar-Cohen suggested to take 
advantage of the recently formed electronic NDE newsgroup which is a global forum of communication.  
He suggested to issue a call for suggested questions for Level I, II and III and to open the process 
globally.  A motion on this item was passed by the committee.

9. Dr. Chern informed the committee of the need to generate an outline and references for a Level I and II 
training course.  The Level III training outline and references are in need of editing, primarily to reduce 
the number of references.  William Klene volunteered to create and edit the outlines and references lists by 
June 30, 1996.

10. The issue of transfer of MIL-STD-410 to ASNT CP 189 was discussed and the committee was informed that 
the DoD was granted an extension for another 2 years to maintain MIL-STD-410 and in the meantime the issues 
related to the use of ASNT CP 189 will be resolved.  Currently, Paul Taulk is the representative of the 
Air-Force responsible for resolving the problems with ASNT.

11. Dr. Bar-Cohen brought to the attention of the committee members the need to be prepared for a larger 
role of ISO in the future.  The committee members were informed that George Wheeler for ASNT has the 
responsibility to coordinate the issues related to ASNT and the implementation of ISO.

12. The meeting was adjourned at 1:25 p.m.