ASNT Ultrasonic/UT P&Q Committees Homepage

      Minutes of the joint UTPQ and Ultrasonics Committees

             Spring í97 ASNT Spring Conference

                   Tuesday, 18 March 1997

                         Houston, TX

1.   Meeting was called to order by Yoseph Bar-Cohen at 12:10 p.m.   Thirteen members and 
guests attended the meeting including: Yoseph Bar-Cohen, M. Kurt Bedar, A. S. Birks, 
John Brunk, B. Boro Djordjevic, Eugene Chemma, E. James Chern, Louis J. Elliott, John P. 
Epps (guest), Marvin Klein, Mark Pompe, Sam Robinson, and Brad Whiteleather

2.   Yoseph Bar-Cohen reviewed the minutes of the ASNT Fall 1996 Conference Committee meeting 
that was held at Seattle, Washington.  The minutes were approved by the committee.  

3.  Eugene Chemma informed the attendee that Kurt Bedar is working on the ASNT Processes 
in the year 2000 and the relation between ASNT and the support of its volunteers.
4.  Sam Robinson added that Joe McKin is also working on improving the ASNT process, 
rules and responsibility.  
5.  As part of ASNTís efforts to improve its operation, it is currently conducting a 
survey for which the members were asked to fill out the forms.  The members of the 
committee suggested that ASNT include the forms on WWW in the future to allow the members 
at large to respond to the survey.   Eugene suggested to extend the dead line for the 
submittal of the survey forms. 
6.  Topics for the Fall 97 ASNT Conference were suggested to include Laser UT and 
Medical Diagnostics.  These Sessions will be included in the Emerging NDT 
Technologies Track.
7.  It was suggested to work with Russ Mack to develop the new SNT-TC-1A standard.
8.  Brad Whiteleather, Ravenswood Aluminum, expressed a concern regarding the level 
of education that the new Instruction Manual requires from inspectors.  Eugene Chemma 
pointed out that these are general education requirements and that is essential for 
student inspectors to broaden their knowledge beyond their immediate employer.  John Brunk 
mentioned the issue of the central certification and the difficulty associated with this issue. 
9.  Bar-Cohen reminded everyone of the Homepage for the UT/UTPQ committees and that 
all the Minutes of the committee as well as other archived information and hot links 
to important NDE web sits.  
The address is: 
10.  Bar-Cohen also pointed out that he created a homepage for access to the global 
NDT societies and it is: 
11.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.