Minutes of the Ultrasonics Committees

'98 ASNT Spring Conference

Tuesday, 24 March 1998

Anaheim, CA

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or thru http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/ under Technical Societies

  1. Meeting was called to order by Mark Warchol at 12:10 p.m. 18 members and guests attended the meeting including: Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Tim Barbour (Guest), Michael Bolton, Kaydell Bowles, Eugene Chemma, Matthew Golis, David Harvey, Scott Miller, Mark Lachapell (Guest), Mark Pope, John Rather (Guest), Ricky Morgan, Scott, Ritzheimer, Sam Robinson (guest), John Sater (Guest), Simon Senibi, Graham Thomas, Mark Warchol
  2. Mark Warchol reviewed the minutes of the ASNT Fall 1998 Conference Committee meeting that was held at Pittsburgh, PA. The committee approved the minutes but suggested corrections of the misspelled names of attendees.
  3. The Committee agreed unanimously to recompile the list of active committee members. It was agreed that E-mail would be the preferred form of future communication of the committee activity.
  4. The Committee agreed to use the Internet as the prime forum of archiving and communication between the ASNT semi-annual meetings.
  5. The Committee agreed unanimously to officially consolidate the ultrasonic E&Q and the TC Committees, with the following responsibilities:

Chair – Yosi (Yoseph) Bar-Cohen

Vice-Chair - Mark Worchol

Secretary - Matt Golis

  1. For the ASNT Fall 98 Conference, the Committee recommended to initiate Sessions on the topics of advancements in ultrasonics, medical diagnostics and miniaturization technology. It was also recommended to seek future sessions in areas that are broader in nature than technique specifics, including robotics and intelligence NDE as related to ultrasonics.
  2. The issue of feedback from ASNT regarding the preparation of Questions/Answers for certification tests of the various levels was brought up for discussion. There was an overall feeling that there is no feedback regarding the needs and effective fulfillment of these action items. The committee is calling for such ASNT committee/Groups as the Technical Services Dept. at Headquarters or/and the E&Q Council to send feedback to the Ultrasonics committee.
  3. Matt Golis examined systematically the Questions and Answers Supplement to SNT-TC-1A for the various Levels in the Ultrasonic Test Method. Matt defined criteria for categorizing questions and the percentage that the particular categories take or should take. He conducted statistical analysis and created pie charts to illustrate his findings (Attached to these minutes). The committee recommended that Matt will compile a proposed approach for generation of future questions based on identification of the areas in need of development, shown in the attachment listing definitions of abbreviations, i.e., their makeup in terms of body of knowledge. It was identified that questions requiring concepts-comprehension and case-study analysis are in most need of development. Actual question development would be through offerings sent to Yosi for eventual consolidation into validation tests which, when taken by others via the Internet, would prove their validity. These test questions, not being part of any official certification program of the ASNT, could be given general circulation without concern for copyrights or ownership by ASNT. Thus, this would be a truly open service to the NDT community, offered by the NDT community.
  4. The next ASNT meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th of October at Nashville, TN.
  5. The meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

If there are comments, questions or suggestions, please send them via e-mail to yosi@jpl.nasa.gov for further action.




Body of Knowledge


Physics of waves (modes, reflection, refraction, diffraction)


Equipment (instruments/display, transducers, manipulators, coupling)


Procedures (calibration, operations)


Materials (product forms, joining)




Classes of Questions




Understanding Concepts


Scenario Analysis




  • Energy v. Pressure (Phase issues)
  • Fourier Transform Concepts (Filtering effects)
  • Image Enhancements (Colorizing, Edges, Filters)


  • Digital Systems (Displays, Instruments, Data Handling)
  • Modern Transducers (E-MAT, Composites, Laser, etc.)
  • Resonance, Acousto-ultrasonics


  • Advanced Sizing Techniques
  • POD/Reliability Measures
  • In-Process Monitoring


Anisotropic Effects (Composites)


Compiled statistics of questions‘ distribution in the current Questions and Answers Supplement to SNT-TC-1A for the various Levels in the Ultrasonic Test Method.