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	           Minutes of the Ultrasonics Committee


			'99 ASNT Spring Conference
			Tuesday, 23 March 1999
			    Orlando, FL

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1. Meeting was called to order by the Committee Vice-Chair, Mark Warchol, at 12:20 p.m.  18 members 
and guests attended the meeting including: Fathi AlQudeeb, Bill Aston, Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Tim Barbour,
Marwan Basrawl, George Belev, Kaydell C. Bowles, Claude Davis, Mat Golis, Danny L. Keck, Mark R. Pompe, 
Scott D Ritzheimer, John Rusing, Graham Thomas Roland Valdes, Mark Warchol and Jim Woodrow. 
2. With minor correction of spelling errors the committee approved the minutes of the Fall 1998 meeting. 
3. Claude Davis requested to identify an E&Q Liaison and the committee passed a motion to have Mark Warchol 
serve as the UT committee Liaison.
4. Claude reviewed the discussions at the E&Q Council meeting.  He mentioned that 30 members attended 
this meeting.  The committee sought to get revision of the Questions & Answers for the various inspector 
levels.  Matt Golis reviewed his efforts where he recommended a balanced ratio between the various 
topics of the questions.
5. So far only 3 members of the Ultrasonic Committee responded with comments and suggestions regarding 
the revised Questions & Answered.
6. Claude expressed the Council desire to deal with the issue of certification vs. training and the fact 
that inspectors are not given sufficient opportunity to test relevant samples during training.  
7. The committee expressed concern regarding the possibility that ASNT would require a condition of 
having Level II prior to obtaining level III.
8. The replacement of MIL-STD-410 is the Naval Air document NS-STD-410.  In parallel SAE produced the 
document AMS-410.  According to Sam Rulin, TC-1A is not a specification and that is the cause that it 
did not become the leading training specification.
9. According to Belev ISO is drafting a document that deals with training.
10. Kaydell mentioned that ASNT is seeking to form a document that is compatible with ISO-9712.  
Increasingly companies in the USA will have to comply with ISO, which is essential for export, and 
they are pursuing compliance.
11. The issue of using password on the Internet using the JPL server was addressed but no solution 
could be offered.  Efforts will be made to use the ASNT homepage and the coordinator is Brian Geary.
12. The progress preparing the ASNT TONE topical book series Vol. 4 was described by Bar-Cohen, who 
is the editor.  The book covers automation and robotics application to NDE.
13. The meeting was adjourned at 1:18 p.m. 

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