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Minutes of the Joint UTPQ & Sonics Committees

Tuesday, 10 October 1995
Dallas, Texas

1.  Meeting was called to order by Dr. Bob Green at 12:00 noon Sixteen members and guests attended:  
    E. Chemma (Sonics), M. Ruddy (UTPQ), B. Djordjevic (Sonics/UTPQ), T. Jones (Sonics/UTPQ), H. Lecky, 
    S. Harvey (Sonics), T. Munson (Sonics), J. Waugh (Sonics), W. Norton , W. Cleary (Sonics/UTPQ), 
    S. Miller (UTPQ), M. Golis (Sonics),  J. Ragan (UTPQ), S. Ritzheimer, A. Madhav (UTPQ), 
    M. Warchol (Sonics/UTPQ)

2.  Arun Madhav reviewed the minutes of the Spring Conference meeting in Las Vegas.  The minutes were approved 
    by the committee.

3.  Dr. Green suggested the Sonics and the UTPQ committees be combined.  Dr. Chern made a motion that they be 
    combined and was seconded.  The motion was approved by the committee.

4.  The chairman of the UTPQ committee (Don Henry) resigned. Dr. Green would like to step down from chairman 
    of the Sonics committee.

5.  A motion was made and seconded to have one set of officers for the combined committees:

    Chairman:   Yoseph Bar-Cohen         Vice Chairman:  Mark Warchol
    Secretary:  Scott Miller

6.  Discussion took place about the ASNT Level III examination questions and their references.
    NCB members choose questions for the level III examinations.  Many of the question on the present Level III exam
    are obsolete and have no bearing on current practice.  There are too many different books listed as
    references for those planning to take the exam and some of the books are no longer readily available or 
    are too expensive.  The examination questions could be limited to material covered in the ASNT Handbook.

7.  A motion was made by Dr. Green to request to the NCB that they review and revise the overall procedure for 
    selecting questions for the Level III exam and limit the number of reference books from which the exam questions 
    are selected.  The motion was approved by the committee.

8.  The chairs of each committee will report to their respective councils after the meeting when held together.

9.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.