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Minutes of the joint UTPQ and Ultrasonics Committees

Tuesday, 15 October 1996
Seattle, Washington

Meeting was called to order by Yoseph Bar-Cohen at 12:10 p.m.  The meeting was attended by 22 members 
and guests: 
Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Kayaell C. Bowles, Eugene Chemma, E. James Chern, Robert Day, John Cox, 
Rolf Diederichs, Boro Djordjevic, Suit Donghwon, Chris Fortunko, Robert Goeal, Nyeonju Kim, Matt Golis, 
Morteza Jafari, Doron Kishoni, Rickey L. Morgan, Aaron Pherigo, Mark Pompe, Scott Ritzheimer, 
Tony Tokarz, Mark Warchol, Brad Whiteleather
1. Eugene Chemma reviewed the minutes of the meeting of the 1996 ASNT Spring Conference.  
The minutes were approved by the committee.
2. Yoseph Bar-Cohen reminded the UT/UTP&Q committee members that all the committee Minutes, 
membership directory, other archived information and hotlinks to various NDT websites can be 
accessed via the UT/UTP&Q Webpage:
3. Jim Chern reviewed ASNT efforts for the Year 2000 Edition of the SNT-TC-1A.  He informed 
the members that the E&Q Council Chair, Russ Mack, will lead the PQ Division SNT-TC-1A Committee 
after he relinquished his duty as the E&Q chair after this conference.  Russ would like members 
of the UTPQ committee to actively contribute to the project.
4. Bar-Cohen updated the member with regards to the initiative to obtain a global support of 
the ASNT instruction manual and questionnaire.  The issue of copyright seems to be a major obstacle 
to obtaining such information from non-members of the committee.
5. Bar-Cohen informed the members of his efforts with several committee members to update the 
ASNT Level I, II and III training manual. Chris Fortunko raised the concern that old technology 
will be eliminated and it may not necessarily be obsolete.  The committee members agreed that some 
technologies are now much broader than expressed in the current manual.
6. Mark Warchol mentioned that the new training manual outline in availability from ASNT. 
7. Scott Miller informed the members that Paul McIntire is launching an ASNT Bulletin Board Service 
(BBS).  He suggested that McIntire is soliciting volunteers to assist in monitoring the content of 
the BBS messages to avoid advertisement or non-NDT related discussions.  The committee appointed Doron 
Kishoni to be responsible for ultrasonic related issues on the BBS.
8. Eugene Chemma informed the members that NAS-410 was issued as temporary replacement 
for MIL-STD-410 and it is expected to be changed further.
9. The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m. by Eugene Chemma and seconded by Doron Kishoni.