ASNT Ultrasonic Committees Homepage

	        Minutes of the Ultrasonics Committee

			'97 ASNT Fall Conference
			Tuesday, 21 October 1997
			    Pittsburgh, PA

1.   Meeting was called to order by Yoseph Bar-Cohen at 12:10 p.m.  19 members and guests 
attended the meeting including: Y. Bar-Cohen, Mark Warchol, Tokarz Antony, Don Bray, Eugene
Chemma, Matthew Golis, Steven Harvey, Brad Whiteleather, Fathi Alqadeeb (guest), Simon 
Senibi (new), Scott Ritzheimer (new), Trung Le (guest), Paul Souza (guest), Claude Davis 
(new), John Long (new), Fred Bulgin (new), Phil Rhuoy (guest), Leon Glowacki (new), Michell 

2.   Yoseph Bar-Cohen reviewed the minutes of the ASNT Spring 1997 Conference Committee 
meeting that was held at Seattle, Washington.  The minutes were approved by the committee.  

3.  Matt Golis was elected to be the Committee Secretary.

4.  Matt Golis will head a task force that will review and recommend ways in which the 
questions now being issued by ASNT can be upgraded and strengthened in a manner that meets 
the expectations of the ultrasonic committee.

5.  Bar-Cohen covered the Ultrasonic Session that were included in the fall Conference and 
pointed out that under the title Technology Transfer Track we had 2 Medical Diagnostics 
Sessions, 2 Laser UT, 1 Health Monitoring and 1 Noncouplant UT.  The Medical Diagnostics 
Sessions were included for the first time at ASNT Conferences and they were well attended. 

6.  Claud Davis reviewed the ASNT Project 2000.  He informed the participants that one of 
the goals for the new Millennium is to totally redo the TC-1A document.  This requires 
active participation of the P&Q Committee members to revise the training guide.  We may 
need to form an additional certification, which will be categorized as restricted certification. 
We would need also a liaison between TC-1A and the individual committees.  The individuals 
that will represent Ultrasonics will be Ed Macejak and Mark Warchol as a backup.

7.  The letter from ASNT regarding the formation of an ASNT archive that will include all 
the minutes was read to the participants.  ASNT is seeking copies of the Minutes of prior 
years Board of Directors and Education & Qualification Council meetings.

8.  Anthony Tokarz covered the issue of the MIL standards, particularly MIL-2154 and the 
transfer of these standards to ASTM.  It was pointed out that Tom Jones is chairing the 
ASTM Committee E07 (NDT), Subcommittee Ultrasonics E07.06 and he would need assistance in 
this area of specifications that are transferred to ASTM from MIL standards.

9.  Matt Golis recommended ASNT continue to publish the names of committee members in the 
Redi-reference guide because the lists, although partially outdated, remain valuable 
references for active society members.

10.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:25 p.m.