ASNT Ultrasonic Committees Homepage

	           Minutes of the Ultrasonics Committee

			'98 ASNT Fall Conference
			Tuesday, 20 October 1998
			    Nashville, TN

1. Meeting was called to order by the Committee Chair, Yoseph Bar-Cohen, at 12:10 p.m.  14 members 
and guests attended the meeting including: Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Tim Barbour, George Belev, Kaydell C. 
Bowles, Eugene Chemma, Claude Davis, Robert D. Dille, Mark LaChapell, Ricky Morgan, John Patsey, 
Mark R. Pompe, Scott D Ritzheimer, Roland Valdes, and Jim Woodrow. 

2. While the meeting Agenda was distributed to the participants, the minutes were not available on 
hand to be reviewed.  However, since the minutes were available on the Internet since April 1998, 
the committee agreed to approve the minutes on this basis. 

3. The Ultrasonic Committee is now acting electronically between the ASNT conferences where 
material is communicated via e-mail and the archive is documented on the committee homepage.  
Considering the fact that some of the communicated information is proprietary ASNT material, 
Claud Davis suggested that the material be placed on a homepage with a password.  Bar-Cohen will 
examine the requirements to form such homepage. 

4. Eugene Chemma reviewed the discussions at the ASNT Tech Council and reported that all the Tech 
and P&Q committees are expected to merge.  Nat Farranso is seeking to establish a nominating committee 
to deal with the improvement of ASNT committees' activity as well as define mission & goals. Regarding 
the Central Certification efforts, ASNT completed all the 5 leading NDE methods for Level II inspectors 
but no much progress has been accomplished at the level I.  The Material Evaluation committee is 
considering the issuing of a Newsletter for Level I and II inspectors.  There are efforts to revitalize 
the Marine and Rail-Roads Committees at the Tech Council.  Also, there are discussions to select liaisons 
in other related technical societies.

5. Kaydell covered the status of the ASNT CP-189.  After issuance of ANSI/ASNT-CP 189 the military would not 
accept that a Level III must posses a valid ASNT Level III certificate and DoD decided to issue a new 
document NAS-410 in place of MIL-STD-410. 

6. Claud Davis covered the efforts to revise TC-1A.  He pointed out that there is a need to establish 
a restricted certification to allow inspectors to operate in specialized areas without the need to be 
certified in general areas. 

7. Kaydell covered the issue of international personnel certification and the fact that there was a 
project submittal for standard action on ISO-9712 to form a US equivalent document for personnel 
qualifications.  The committee is open to public comments and input is being sought. Kaydell 
emphasized the significance of getting involved with ISO standardization efforts.  International 
trade is expected to grow and competition will require using ISO type standards.  If the USA does 
not make the necessary input, the standards will be made more compatible with the European preferred 

8. Bar-Cohen suggested that in future ASNT Conference Sessions be included to cover topics that are 
related to piezoelectric technologies.  The idea is to bring interdisciplinary fields to our NDE 
community as well as transfer our technology to other fields.  Examples of the success of these efforts 
are the introduction of sessions on medical, robotics and miniaturization since the Fall of 1996.

9. ASNT is waiting for our recommendations for revision of the Questions/Answers. 

10. The next ASNT meeting will be held on Tuesday 23th of March at Orlando, FL.

11. The meeting was adjourned at 1:25 p.m. 

If there are any comments, questions or suggestions, please send them via e-mail to for further action.