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	           Minutes of the Ultrasonics Committee

			'99 ASNT Fall Conference
			Tuesday, 12 October 1999
			     Phoenix, AZ

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1. Meeting was called to order by the Committee Chair, Yoseph Bar-Cohen, at 12:20 p.m.  9 members and 
guests attended the meeting including: Tim Barbour, Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Claud Davis, John A. Long, Doron 
Kishoni, Scott Ritzheimer, Grahm Thomas, Jim Woodrow, and Brad Whiteleather, With request to correction 
the date of the previous meeting the committee approved the minutes of the Spring 1999 meeting. 
2. Claude Davis informed the committee that as of October 11, 1999 the UT committee is under the 
responsibility of Technical and Education (T&E) Council.  The Chair is Steve Cargil and the Vice-Chair 
is Sharon Vukelich. 
3. A request was made to send a representative of the UT committee to report to the T&E council and it 
was agreed to have Dr. Doron Kishoni make this presentation on Wed. October 13, 1999.
4. Claud Davis reported that he expecting to see the TC-1A 2000 to be approved.  Several revisions were 
proposed and a workshop is about to be held on October 13, 1999.  Some of this issues that are covered 
include the body of knowledge and guidelines from the various method committees.
5. With regards to the ASNT involvement in ISO issues, Claud Davis reported that ASNT is working on an 
ASNT document for accreditation of training facility covering this issue for the US.  Some of the issues 
that is being reviewed include the fact that there is no government agency in the US who is responsible 
for certification in the US.  A market survey is being requested to determine who needs training on both 
organization and individual levels.
6. Claud Davis inquired about the committee update of the TC-1A training guide and the Questions and 
Answers for ultrasonics Level I and III.  Dr. Bar-Cohen informed the committee that these two documents 
where compiled in 1998 and a copy will be send respectively to Claud Davis (via fax) and Tim Barbour 
(via e-mail). 
7. Claud Davis suggested that the ultrasonic committee will consider the possibility of issuing "Restricted 
Certification" for the various levels to allow covering those who work in a very limited area of their 
fields (e.g., thickness testing, bond testing, etc.).  The issue was raised for discussion but no 
agreement was reached.
8. Dr. Bar-Cohen reported that the draft of the ASNT TONE topical book series Vol. 4 was completed 
and comments from ASNT for finalization of the book are expected soon.  The book covers automation 
and robotics application to NDE.
9. The meeting was adjourned at 1:25 p.m. 

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for further action.