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The following are video clipping of electroactive polymers (EAP)-in-action. Viewing them requires QuickTime viewer.

EAP-in-Action Sessions of the SPIE's EAPAD Conference

EAP-in-Action Session, March 3, 2003, San Diego, CA.

EAP in Action Video clippings

A video that was taken during the 2nd SPIE's EAPAD Conf., Newport Beach, CA, March 2000, EAP-in-Action Session (Courtesy of Satoshi Tadokoro, Kobe University, Japan).

JPL's NDEAA EAP-in-Action video clippings

A view of a 4-finger EAP gripper grabbing a 10.5-g rock - A hand held graphic/epoxy arm is attached to the gripper and is used to move the gripper with the grabbed rock.

An EAP dust wiper is bending left and right while moving saw dust - This video is showing the potential of EAP to operate similar to an automobile windshield wiper

A demonstration of a dust-wiper unit removing micron size dust - An EAP actuator is attached to a wiper blade and is driven by 2-4 Volts to bend left and right. The blade itself is subjected to battery driven high voltage to repel minute dust particles.

A miniature arm actuated by EAP - Video showing an EAP robotic arm moving up and down demonstrating the potential to combine lifting capability with the EAP gripper.

A haptic-interface MEMICA (Remote MEchanical MIrroring using Controlled stiffness and Actuators) - A demonstration of a large scale electrically controlled stiffness (ECS) element where activating an electrorheological fluid inside the piston allows to hold a mass from pushing the piston down. Future applications that are under consideration include telepresence and remote surgery. A CyberGlove will be developed to provide medical staff with the "feeling" of compliance and forces at mirrored sites that are virtual or remote. This video was taken at Rutgers University (Dinos Mavroidis and Charles Pfeiffer are shown conducting the experiment). This effort was a a cooperative effort with Michael Kabo and Jeff Wang from the UCLA Medical Center pursuing telesurgery potentials.

Photos taken during the EAP in Action Session of the SPIE 2000 Conf., held in Newport Beach, CA, USA, on March 6, 2000 (Contribution of Wen-Liang Liu, MRL/ITRI, Taiwan)

Dr. Shingo Sewa and Kazuo Onishi from ONRI, Japan, and Dr. Roy Kornbluh from SRI International, USA.

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