Call for input


The 43th issue of the WW-EAP Newsletter, Vol. 22, No. 1, 2020


Due date - Friday, Dec 4, 2020




Dear Colleague,


This is a call for input to the next issue of the Worldwide EAP (Electroactive Polymers) Newsletter. This Newsletter is intended to provide a timely platform for technical information exchange among developers, users, and potential sponsors. 


Motivation: EAP [] has great potential but there is a need for significant effort before these materials would become the actuators of choice. Technical collaboration and timely information exchange among scientists and engineers worldwide can contribute greatly to the advancement of this field.  The WW-EAP Newsletter addresses the need for rapid communication of progress and state-of-the-art capabilities.


Due date: Please submit input(s) via e-mail as listed below by no later than Friday, Dec 4, 2020


Format: The input should have less than 300 word (similar to an abstract) and, preferably, containing graphics (photograph or drawing). Please include your name, and e-mail address.  For example of inputs please visit:


Needed input: EAP technical information about breakthrough technology, new materials, actuators, sensors, modeling, new support capabilities (processing, shaping, miniaturization, coating, etc.), characterization techniques, design and control methodologies, challenges, biomimetics, polymer-base MEMS, challenges, opportunities, applications, technology needs and job opportunities.


Where published: This Newsletter is published electronically and is distributed via e-mail worldwide to individuals who have interest in EAP.  Also, it is archived for access through the WW-EAP Webhub that is accessible via the NDEAA website of the JPL’s Advanced Technologies Group:



Need to include a form: To have your input included in the Newsletter there is a requirement to fill an Author License to Publish and certification of clearance form (click on this highlighted link)



Editor, WW-EAP Newsletter



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