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This website is part of the WW-EAP Webhub that covers the topic of electroactive polymers (EAP) that are also known as artificial muscles.  It was prepared by Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, a Senior Research Scientist and Group Supervisor at JPL, and it is one of the links of his JPL’s NDEAA Webhub.  This website was prepared in an effort to help answering the question: “where can I get these materials?” and to help those who cannot make the material themselves by following the description on the WW-EAP Recipe website.  While the following list may not cover every EAP company in the world it includes most of the companies that Dr. Bar-Cohen was aware of their existence. 


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EAP materials/processes/products

Artificial Muscle, Inc. (AMI) is now listed as ViviTouch



See ViviTouch

Compliant Transducer Systems

Ueberlandstrasse 129

CH-8600 Duebendorf




Dr. Gabor Kovacs

Co-founder and CEO

Mail: gabor.kovacs@ct-systems.ch

Web: www.ct-systems.ch



Compliant Transducer Systems (CTsystems) is a spin-off company of Empa Switzerland. Development, manufacturing and commercialization of compliant electro mechanical transducers represent the mission of the CTsystems. The key technology and core knowhow of CTsystems is based on designing and producing of EAP devices in multi-layer stack configuration with contraction motion.


The product is producing noise-free and efficient, controllable linear motion when electric voltage is applied. These compact and inexpensive devices are used as soft actuator-sensor transducers in highly integrated mechatronic systems in the field of automotive, multimedia, robotic and automation industry.

Danfoss PolyPower A/S

Member of the Danfoss group
DK-6440 Nordborg


Description: Description: Description: Logotype_CMYK-PMS

Ken Graversen

Director Sales & Marketing


Michael Hamann

General Manager and President


Web: http://www.PolyPower.com/

DEAP material with patented design of the metal electrodes deposited on a micro structured elastomer surface


Available evaluation samples ready for ordering

Description: Description: Description: Picture 004

EAMEX Corporation

3-9-30 Tarumicyo Suita, Osaka 564-0062, Japan


Shingo Sewa or Kazuo Onishi; 

Web: web@eamex.co.jp



EAP actuators for medical applications (nursing equipment, catheter, guide wires, and rehabilitation instrument); robotics; industry (manipulator and conveyance equipment); hobby and art, as well as customized EAP products.  Specifically, 


1.   Actuators and sensors made of ion-conductive membranes

2.   Ion-conductive actuator rods

3.   Conductive Polymer Actuators based on PPy


1. Auto-focus device for mobile phones using ion-conductive polymer
2. Micro pump for fuel cell or other small application
EAP based  hand


Bjerndrup Bygade 23, DK 6200, Denmark

Rahim Sarban



Jorgen Pedersen

Sales and marketing manager


Tel: +45 22 11 03 68

Email: contact@elastisense.com

Web: www.elastisense.com


ElastiSense is producer and supplier of industrial sensors based on EAP technology.  The patented design of the sensors enables micro-meter precision sensing even in the most mechanically and environmentally aggressive applications.

ElastiSense products are:

1.       Displacement Sensors,

2.       Portable Test Kits,

3.       Turnkey process monitoring and control solutions.


EMPA: Swiss federal laboratory of Materials Science and Technology      www.empa.ch/eap

Überlandstrasse 129, CH-8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland

Description: Description: Description: http://www.empa.ch/images/empalogo.gif

Gabor Kovacs, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist



Silvain Michel

Head of EAP Group


·  Material: Dielectric Elastomer Actuator (Acrylic, silicone,...)

·  Design: Rolled, Planar and Stack Actuators in the Macro Scale

·  Chemical Synthesis and Post-processing, Pre-Industrial Manufacturing facilities, Determination of Material Properties, Modeling of visco- hyperelastic DE Materials


Environmental Robots Incorporated   

909 Virginia, NE., Suite 205, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108, USA

Description: Description: Description: Logo



NOTE: ERI offers complimentary samples.  For information please visit their website, click on products and then on complimentary samples.

·   IPMC-based and ionic polymer actuators, transducers, and sensors

·   IPMC and conductive polymer EAP for biomedical engineering and medical applications

·   Kits of bending and contractile EAP, ionic polymeric fiber bundles, conductive polymers and chemically activated polymers


IPMC Description: Description: Description: ESME-1 Description: Description: Description: temp

LEAP Technology

Science and Technology Park

Diplomvej 381, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby



Dr. Alan Poole

Director and Partner

Email: alan@leaptechnology.com

Tel: +45 21782231




LEAP Technology provides product development services for companies who wish to utilize EAP technology in their product and applications. It uses its experience in commercial understanding of the technology for technology integration and it provides:

1. Application requirement analysis,
2. Products conceptual design,
3. System modelling and simulation,
4. Detailed design,
5. Prototyping,
6. Experimentation design and setup,
7. Performance evaluation,
8. Optimization of the product performance,
9. Process design,
10. Market research and funding possibilities.

MCNC Research and Development Institute

NC 2770


Scott Goodwin goodwin@mcnc.org,  Web: http://www.mcnc.org/rdi/

Dielectric EAP device development and prototyping of

·      "Artificial Eyelid" polymer flexible film

·      Electrostatic MEMS actuator

·      Integrated force array and electrostatic polymer actuator

Artificial Eyelid    

Molecular Mechanisms LLC


Description: Description: Description: clip_image0024 


Customer Support, sales@molecularmechanisms.com, Web: www.molecularmechanisms.com

·      Development of EAP based mechanisms

·      Polypyrrole (PPy) tapes for Conductive Polymers (CP) EAP

Bilayer CP EAP activated in air  

NanoSonic, Inc.

1485 S. Main Street

Blacksburg, VA  24060



Richard O. Claus, President; info@nanosonic.com;

Web: http://www.nanosonic.com

·      Low modulus sensors for strain, vibration and fluid flow

·      Free-standing conductive and reflective elastomeric membranes

·      Flexible electroding for EAP actuators using modified self-assembly (demonstrated for dielectric EAP)

Stretchable electroding material

PolyK Technologies

2124 Old Gatesburg Rd, State College, PA 16803, USA



Shihai Zhang

Founder and CEO

Email: energy@polyktech.com

Web: www.polyk-lab.com

PolyK Technologies is a high tech company specialized in high voltage dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, pyroelectric, and electroactive polymer EAP materials, applications, related low cost test instrument, and manufacturing machines.

The Lab Division of PolyK provides the following products to support academic R&D in EAP technologies:

1.       Over thirty different PVDF, PVDF copolymers, PVDF terpolymers, PTFE homopolymers, copolymers, and terpolymers resins sold in small quantity (<100 g).

2.       Piezoelectric film made with PVDF, PVDF-TrFE and PVDF-TFE, from 3 um to 1000 m thick.

3.       High voltage dielectric, ferroelectric, and piezoelectric test instruments with low cost. Such as turnkey dielectric test system to measure dielectric constant and loss vs frequency, temperature, and DC bias voltage (up to 4000 Vdc), ferroelectric polarization loop and dielectric breakdown test system, TSDC and pyroelectric current measurement system, etc.

4.       Table-top EAP film orientation machine and pilot scale R2R EAP film production machines: solvent cast, extrusion, machine direction orientation, etc.

5.       Provide test services on high voltage dielectric and ferroelectric materials, including routine high voltage test, dielectric test, and polymer morphology and property test.



Quantum Technology Pty. Ltd. 

5 South Street, Rydalmere, N.S.W. 2126, Australia

Description: Description: Description: quantum

Tim Connell


Web: http://www.quantech.com.au/


·      Development of EAP actuators for Braille Cells as an aid to visually impaired and blind.

StretchSense Limited

27 Walls Road, Penrose,

Auckland 1061

New Zealand

+64 9 634 1927




Ben O’Brien, CEO



Web: http://www.stretchsense.co.nz

A Biomimetics Laboratory spin-out

StretchSense has combined revolutionary soft polymer sensors with BluetoothTM connectivity to make it easy to measure soft structures like the human body.

1)      Measure large strains unobtrusively using soft silicone or fabric sensors.

2)      Record data on your BluetoothTM enabled smartphone, tablet or lamptop.

fluidformsensor_wlogo copyStretchSense Fabric evaluation sensorStretchSense Hand Sensing Net Copy


Strategic Polymer Sciences, Inc. (SPS)

200 Innovation Blvd., Suite 237

State College, PA 16803


Description: Description: Description: cid:EEB849C0-21F8-4BC0-822A-4E595984C4B0

Dean Anderson, Director of Operations


Web: http://www.StrategicPolymers.com


      Manufactures electroactive polymer (EAP) films for high dielectric constant fluoropolymers as well as commercializes the following:

       High energy density capacitors

       High strain actuators

       Solid-state active cooling modules




500 E Washington, Suite 10

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

(734) 408-1327

 Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\edaneshv\Desktop\ST\Website\ST_Logo2.JPG

Eugene Daneshvar




Description: Description: DaneshvarSynapTech specializes in design, fabrication, and development of movable microelectrode arrays for neural interfaces.  Our articulating neural interfaces can guide the trajectory as well as the proximity of the electrode sites to the neural tissue.  Our actuating technology can easily be integrated with retinal electrodes, cochlear implants, peripheral nerve cuffs, ECoG arrays as well as implantable cortical arrays. Multiple patents pending.

ViviTouch | A Bayer Brand

Corporate Headquarters address

1320 Orleans Drive

Sunnyvale, CA 94089




David Humphreys

Director of Global Sales and Marketing

Direct: 408-215-7362


*Founded by SRI International

The company, ViviTouch®actuators, Bayer MaterialScience LLC, produces cinematic sensation that bridges the senses of seeing, hearing and feeling. ViviTouch HD Feel is used in mobile phones, gaming controllers, tablets and wearable devices to bring High Definition feel to the entertainment and lifestyle experience. ViviTouch 4D Sound can make headphones come alive by amplifying the experience of hearing.  In addition to the ViviTouch®, the company is actively advancing its EAP technology and expanding the serviced markets for force sensing, power generation, valves, pumps, optical positioners, and medical applications.  


For evaluation kits - please contact the company directly.



Also, the following are suppliers of PVDF films:

·         KTech


·         Measurement Specialties, Inc.


·         AIRMAR Technology Corp.


·         PIEZOTECH S.A. (France)