2005 EAPAD Conference, San Diego, California, USA

EAP-in-Action Session

March 7, 2005, 5:00 to 6:00 PM



MODERATOR: Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Chair, EAPAD Conference


This Session that is held annually as part of the SPIE’s EAPAD conference is intended to turn the spotlight on Electroactive Polymers (EAP) materials and their applications as well as increase the recognition of their potential.   New materials and applications are continuing to emerge and this session provides the attendees an opportunity to see a demonstration of the latest EAP materials in action.  This Session offers a forum of interaction between the technology developers and potential users as well as a "hands-on" experience with this emerging technology.  It is a great opportunity to see the capability of the state-of-the-art of EAP as potential actuators-of-choice. The EAP-in-Action this year will be marked with one of the most important milestones of the field of EAP – we are going to have the first Armwrestling Match of EAP Robotic Arm against Human (AMERAH) and the competitors are:


Human opponent: Panna Felsen, San Diego School District http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/lommas/eap/amerah/the-human-opponent.htm


Developers of Robotic Arms http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/lommas/eap/amerah/robot-side-of_AMERAH.htm:

Mohsen Shahinpoor


Environmental Robots Incorporated (ERI), Alburquerque, New Mexico,

Gabor Kovacs 

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, EMPA, Dubendorf, Switzerland

Steven Deso, Stephen Ros, and Noah P. Papas

Senior Students in the Engineering Science and Mechanics Dept., Virginia Tech



Also, as in the previous years, we will also have the demos as follows:




AW-robot driven by EAP muscles.

Gabor Kovacs 

Lab. for Strength and Technology,

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, EMPA, Dubendorf, Switzerland

Metal RubberTM Flexible Conducting Interconnects and Sensors

Jennifer Lalli and Richard O. Claus


NanoSonic, Blacksburg, VA


A small model and video of a flapping wing system of a Solid State Aircraft (SSA) using IPMC

Mohsen Shahinpoor


and Anthony Colozza

Environmental Robots Incorporated (ERI), Alburquerque, New Mexico

Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland, Ohio,

Ionic polymer transducers

Matt Bennett

Discover Technologies LLC

Largest Scale Electrochromic Polymer Swichable Window

Chunye Xu*, Lu Liu, Dai Ning, Calen Kaneko and Minoru Taya

Center for Intelligent Materials and Systems, University of Washington, Seattle

Expanding circle and an enhanced-thickness mode (soft vibrator)

Harsha Prahlad

SRI International

Eva – A robot that makes and responds to facial expressions

David Hanson

Human Emulation Robotics, LLC

Bio-Mimetic Robotic Applications of IPMC

Yoshihiro Nakabo and Kentaro Takagi

Bio-Mimetic Control(BMC) Research Center, RIKEN, JAPAN


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