The armwrestling match beween EAP robot and human

The futuristic idea of armwrestling between a human and a robot that is actuated by artificial muscles seems to be closer than we think. In 1999, Dr. Bar-Cohen posed a challenge to the worldwide research and engineering community to develop a robotic arm that is actuated by artificial muscles to win an arm wrestling match against a human opponent. Recently, researchers from SRI International announced that they believe they have the capability to meet this challenge and considering to start making such an arm. Discussions are underway with various organizations including the United States ArmSports regarding the organiation of this competition an offiial international event.

The United States ArmSports is an umbrella organization representing armwrestlers, armwrestling organizations and tournaments in the United States of America and around the World. ArmSports is a relatively new term encompassing the ancient sport known as Armwrestling, Arm Wrestling, Arm-Wrestling, Wristwrestling, Indian wrestling etc. United States ArmSports is the exclusive American member of the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF).

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