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Under the direction of Dr. Bar-Cohen, research is underway to investigate the various operative characteristics of high intensity ultrasound. To confine the wave, focused transducers are used, where high and low frequencies are modulated to take advantage of the focusing capability of high frequencies with the power that can be induced by low frequncies*. An experimental setup that was developed to harness the enabling capabilities of ultrasound was constructed and modified to allow data acquisition with the assistance of Stacey Walker. Cavitation, heating, steaming, and atomization were the phenomena that have been investigated.

* Frequency Modulated High Power Ultrasound (FMPUL), Patent No. 5,827,204

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bullet"Ultrasonic Noninvasive Medical Diagnostics and Treatment." Proceedings of ASNT Fall Conf. Oct. 1997

bullet"Ultrasonic Noninvasive Medical Diagnostics and Treatment," Proceedings of ASNT Spring Conf. March 1998

bullet"Interaction of high intensity focused ultrasound with biological materials," Paper 4702-40, Proceedings of the SPIE NDE and Smart Structures Symposium, San Diego, CA, March 18-20, 2002


Patents related to medical applications

bullet"Medical noninvasive operations using focused modulated high power ultrasound," Patent No. 5,827,204, October 27, 1998

bullet"Cardiovascular mechanically expanding catheter ," Patent No. 5,855,565, January 5, 1999


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Properties of High Intensity Ultrasound
* Streaming    *Heating    *Atomization   *Cavitation

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