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Dr. Stewart Sherrit is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at JPL's Advanced Technologies Group Dr. Sherrit received his B.Sc. in engineering physics (Nuclear-Mechanical option), M.Sc. (Solid State Physics-Thermoelectric Conversion) and PhD (Physics: Characterization of losses, dispersion and field dependence of piezoelectric materials.) from Queen's University, Kingston. Canada.  He joined JPL's NDE& Advanced Actuators (NDEAA) laboratory in Sept. 1998 as a Cal-Tech Post-Doctoral Scholar. Prior to joining JPL he worked in the Applied Solid State Research Group at Queen's as a research engineer involved in thin film piezoelectric and ferroelectric devices. In 1988, he moved to the Physics Department at the Royal Military College of Canada where he was involved in developing new techniques to characterize bulk electromechanical materials. In May 2001 he became a full-time member of the technical staff at JPL.  He has coauthored 16 book chapters, over 185 papers, 70 NASA Tech Briefs and 121 New Technology Reports, 23 patents.  He is the co-inventor of the USDC whose patented technology is used in the Cyberwand, a large stone lithotripter which has been credited with saving lives.  He has given numerous invited talks at international meetings.   From Jan 2000 - Jan 2007, he was the chairman of the IEEE UFFC Standards subcommittee, which is currently developing the "Standard on the Characterization of Loss in Electromechanical Materials".  He has been a principal investigator, task manager or lead engineer in a variety of research tasks.  He has been involved in the development of a variety of sampling tools including the Ultrasonic Sonic Driller Corer, the Ultrasonic Rock abrasion tool, Ultrasonic powder sampler, rock crusher, Ultrasonic Gopher and Aerobot Harpoon sampler.  In the course of his research, he has participated in field trips to the Mojave Desert, Lake Vida, Antarctica, Mt Hood, Oregon, Death Valley and Borrego Springs California. In addition to his research activities, he has been involved in a variety of Missions either as a consultant or an actuator designer.  He has been awarded two group achievement awards, a Spot award, two outstanding accomplishment awards and a Team bonus award and a JPL Explorer Award.  In 2015 he was awarded the NASA Exceptional Service Medal for his work on piezoelectrics for space mechanisms. 


Seminar Presentations

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif"Piezoelectrics as Multifunctional Electromechanical Materials for Space Applications", The 1st presentation of the Section 354, NDEAA Lab and the Structures & Materials Technologies Group, Seminar Series, Sept. 8, 2003

Selected Publications on Piezoelectric & Electrostrictive materials prior to joining JPL

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif The Use of Complex Material Constants to Model the Dynamic Response of Piezoelectric Materials (Invited) Proc. 1998 Ultrasonics Symposium. Sendai, Miyagi, Japan., Vol. 1. pp. 633-640.

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  Accurate Evaluation of the Real and Imaginary Material Constants for a Piezoelectric Resonator in the Radial Mode, Ferroelectrics, 119, 17-32 (1991)

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  Non-Iterative Evaluation of the Real and Imaginary Material Constants of Piezoelectric Resonators, Ferroelectrics, 134, 111-119 (1992)

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  A Polynomial Fit for Calculating the Electromechanical Coupling Constants of Piezoelectric Materials Using the Method Described, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 91, 1770-1771 (1992)

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  An Optical Lever Measurement of the the Piezoelectric Charge Coefficient, Ferroelectrics, 186, 25-31 (1996)

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  Field Dependence of the Complex Piezoelectric, Dielectric, and Elastic Constants of Motorola PZT 3203 HD Ceramic, in Smart Materials Technologies, Wilbur C. Simmons, Ilhan A. Askay, Dryver R. Huston, Editors, Proc. SPIE 3040, 99-109 (1997)

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  A Complete Characterization of the Piezoelectric, Dielectric, and Elastic Properties of Motorola PZT 3203 HD Including Losses and Dispersion, in Medical Imaging 1997: Ultrasonic Transducer Engineering, K. Kirk Shung, Editor, Proc. SPIE 3037, 158-169 (1997)

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  An accurate equivalent circuit for the unloaded piezoelectric vibrator in the thickness mode, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 30 (1997) 2354-2363

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  Determination of the Piezoelectric Electromechanical Coupling Constant k13 Using a Frequency Ratio Method, Ferroelectrics, 193, 89-94 (1997)

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  Temperature Dependence of the Dielectric, Elastic and Piezoelectric Material Constants of Lead Zirconate Titanate Ceramics, Proc. of Int. Conf. on Smart Mater., Struc. and Syst., 7-10 July, 1999, Bangalore, India. pp. 121-126.

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif  An Analytical Solution for the Electromechanical Coupling constant of an Unloaded Piezoelectric Bimorph 101KB, IEEE Trans. Ultrason., Ferroelectrics and Freq. Control, 46 (3) 756-757 (1999)

http://ndeaa.jpl.nasa.gov/nasa-nde/nde-aa-l/blueball.gif The Characterization and Modeling of Electrostrictive Ceramics for Transducers 283KB Ferroelectrics, 1999, 228 (1-4) 167-196

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