Dr. Zensheu Chang

Dr. Zensheu Chang is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff in the Advanced Technologies Group of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  He joined JPL in March 1998.  In 1997, Dr. Chang received his Ph.D. degree in Solid Mechanics from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department, UCLA, and Master of Science degree in 1988 from the Mechanical Engineering department, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.  His research areas include structural dynamics, ultrasonic NDE/NDT, piezoelectric actuators, CAD/FEM modeling, elastic wave propagation, and solid mechanics.  He has been involved in the development of the piezoelectric pump, and a variety of drilling, coring, and sampling tools including the Ultrasonic Sonic Driller Corer (USDC), the Ultrasonic Rock abrasion tool, rock crusher, Ultrasonic Gopher, Percussive-Rotary drill, and ultrasonic-rotary drill, etc.  In addition to the research activities, Dr. Chang has also been involved in various NASA flight missions including MSL, SIM, WFIRST, etc.  He was involved in the structural analysis of the RTG Heat Exchanger and the SA-SPaH of MSL.  He was also a member of the tiger team that successfully resolved the high-stress issue with the Propulsion Lines of MSL’s Descend Stage.  He has coauthored more than 80 papers, 4 patents, 17 NASA Tech Briefs, and 18 New Technology Reports in related research areas.

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