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Advanced Actuators

The NDE and Advanced Actuators (NDEAA) Lab was established in May 1991 by Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen.

aa lab 1

aa lab 2

The NDEAA Team next to the Sojourner platform and the ultrasonic drill USDC

A SATEC mechanical loading system allowing linear and torque measurements in Vacuum down to 20-mTorr and temperatures down to 120oK).

Actuation test chamber with high vacuum (10-6-torr) and very low temperatures (down to 5oK).

The NDEAA Lab is responsible for the following advanced actuators Tasks: 1. High-torque ultrasonic motors that can operate at Mars environment of cryogenic temperatures and vacuum.

2. Acoustic Surface Wave (SAW) motor for high precision multi-degree-of-freedom linear and rotary applications

USM simulation

USM components

aa lab 2

Ultrasonic motor simulation

A view of an ultrasonic motor and its components

A view of an ultrasonic motor being tested for torque performance in the SATEC chamber of the mechanical loading system.

3. Piezoelectric pump

4. Artificial muscles using electrostrictive polymers (EAP)

5. Multifunctional Automated Crawling System (MACS)

6. Ultrasonic/sonic driller/corer





Muscle actuators driving a dust wiper

MACS unit crawling on a metallic cylindrical section simulating an aircraft structure

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