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artist's concept of arm wrestling match between human and robotic arm
Artificial Muscles Get a Grip on Human Hand
Six years ago a scientist at JPL issued a unique challenge: build a robotic arm using artificial muscles that could arm wrestle a human. The results of that challenge will be determined next week, when three such robotic arms will "step into the ring" to compete against a 17- year-old high school student. (Feb. 28)
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  a thermal cloud, left; a mixed cloud as the condensate first forms, middle; and a pure condensate, right Coldest Spot in Southern California
JPL scientists have produced the coldest spot in southern California by chilling a cloud of rubidium atoms to a billion times colder than room temperature. (Feb. 25)
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Saturn's atmosphere and its rings are shown here in a false color composite Cassini Continues Making New Discoveries
New findings include wandering and rubble-pile moons; new and clumpy Saturn rings; and splintering storms. (Feb. 24)
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Spitzer Flash Presentation spacer The Infrared Universe
Using infrared technology, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope is revolutionizing the way astronomers study the universe.
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Flight Director Beth Dewell Flight Director Update: Valley Panoramas on the Way
The Flight Director describes daily activities for the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity.
(Feb. 25)
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