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blue ball"At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, the future is now." LAtimes.Com coverage that includes NDEAA, August 7, 2000
blue ballDr. Bar-Cohen and NDEAA covered in "Who's Who in NASA", NASA Tech Briefs, Nov. 2001
blue ball"Redefining Robotics" - OE Magazine, March 2003, - p. 32-33.
blue ball"Special Report: Gurus of Technology - Five People Pushing the Tecnology Boundaries" Business Week Online. April 1, 2003.
blue ball"Special Report: Gurus of Technology - The Brain behind Plastic Muscle" Business Week Online, April 1, 2003.
blue ball"The Brain behind Plastic Muscle" Business Week, April 1, 2003.
blue ball"Meet the Artificial Muscle Man.", Popular Science, Sept. 2003

Coverpage Scientific American

Electroactive Polymers (EAP) - Artificial Muscles

blue ball"Bendbots" - Breakthrough Technology - DISCOVER magazine, Vol. 19, No. 8, (August 1998), page 33
blue ball"Robo em asteroides", Epoca, Brazilian news weekly magazine, No. 15, Aug. 1998, page 82
blue ball"Plastikmuskel," FOCUS Magazine, Ausgabe, No. 33, 1998, page 130
blue ball"Low-Mass Muscle Actuators act almost like the real thing" - SPIE's OE REPORTS, No. 177, Sept. 1998, page 3
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blue ball"Artifical Muscles To Be Used On Robotic Space Explorers," Sightings, February 218, 1999
blue ball"Artificial muscles to be used on space rover," Discovery Channel, Science, Canada (, February 22, 1999
blue ball"Tiny Space Rover to Use Artificial 'Muscles'," Nando Times News, February 18, 1999
blue ball"NASA Explores Use of Artificial Muscles in Space Probes",, Feb. 19, 1999
blue ball"Plastic Muscles for Robots",, Feb., 1999
blue ballLaboratory, Today's News and Analysis , February 23, 1999
blue ball"Rovers Get Muscles For Asteroid Mission," SpaceDaily - Your Portal to Space, February 24, 1999
blue ball"Eureka," Features, The Sunday Times, February 28, 1999
blue ball"Windshield wipers for Mars," Development to Watch, Business Week, March 15, 1999, page 103
blue ball"Asteroid Sample-Return Mission to Test Artificial Muscles," JPL's Universe, PL's Universe, Vol. 29, No. 5, March 5, 1999, page 3
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blue ball"Scientists show off plastic muscles," MSNBC, February 2000 (SRI article in Science)
blue ball"Researcher Built a Better Muscle," Discovery on-line, February 2000 (SRI article in Science)
blue ball"Beta Exact Bekeken," Spierkracht (in Dutch), Steven Bolt, popular science monthly, KIJK April 2000, page 20-21.
blue ball"En 20 anos el hombre podria llevar musculos artificiales," Diariovasco (San Sebastian Newspaper), June 20, 2000.
blue ball"Artificial Strongman," article in Smart Business Magazine, Nov. 2000, p. 81
blue ball"Space-Age Goop Morphs Between Liquid and Solid," article in, Sept. 5, 2001, p. 2
blue ball"JPL Spotlight: Scientists 'Muscle' Sci-Fi into Reality," June 3, 2002
blue ball"Scientists 'Muscle' Sci-Fi into Reality"SpaceRef.Com, June 10, 2002
blue ball"Meet the Artificial Muscle Man.", Popular Science, Sept. 30, 2003
blue ball"Artificial Muscles", Scientific American, Oct. 2003
blue ball"Meet the Artificial Muscle Man.",, Oct. 9, 2003
blue ball"I, Robot? Not yet...." front page of the Pasadena Star News, August 1, 2004
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blue ball"Getting a grip on artificial muscles," EE Times, October 1 2004, pp. 1 and 18-19
blue ball"Muscle Mover," EE Times, October 1 2004, page 19
blue ball"Engineered enhancers closer than you think," EE Times, Dec. 20, 2004, pages 1, 22 and 24
blue ball"Industry Shorts - Nexus: 'I, Robot?' Not yet ...," Robotics Trend, August 02, 2004
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blue ball"The machine stretched its muscles," Haaretz, The Marker, Friday 6, 2006, Nathan Lipson
blue ball"Science seeks brawn as well as brains,", Thursday 17, 2006, Simon Hooper

blue ball iPhones for the Blind,” Popular Science, Aug. 27, 2009, Rebecca Boyle

blue ball Electroactive polymers for refreshable Braille displays,” SPIE Newsroom and Industrial Sensing & Measurement Websites, Sept. 11, 2009, Y. Bar-Cohen


Other articles about EAP based active Braille displays published in Aug. 2009


The Armwrestling competition
blue ballJPL Press Release "Artificial Muscles Get a Grip on Human Hand," Feb. 28, 2005
blue ball"Robot to armwrestle human at materials conference ," EETimes, March 2, 2005
blue March 2, 2005
blue ball"Musclebound" Health & Science, Baltimore Sun, March 4, 2005
blue ballSeattle Times, March 6, 2005
blue ball"RoboFlops No Match for Teenage Girl" LA Times, California, Section B, front page, March 8, 2005
blue ball"In Arm Wrestling, Teen Beats Robots Hands Down" National Public Radio (NPR), March 8, 2005
blue ball"Arm wrestling robots beaten by a teenaged girl," New Scientist, March 8, 2005
blue ball"Human wins armwrestling 'bot battle at SPIE Smart Structures symposium" SPIE's OE Magazine, March 8, 2005
blue ball"Human Out-Muscles Robots," Wire Magazine, March 9, 2005
blue ball"Schülerin besiegt Roboter im Armdrücken," Spiegel, March 9, 2005
blue ball"Robot Arms Lose Quickly to Teenage Girl," Scientific American, March 9, 2005
blue ball"Arm Wrestling Robot Beaten By A Teenage Girl," Robotics Daily, March 9, 2005
blue ball"Robotic Arm Bested by High Schooler,", March 9, 2005
blue ball"Man vs. Machine," Africa's first online newspaper, March 9, 2005
blue ball"17-year-old girl beats arm-wrestling robots !," Yahoo News, March 9, 2005
blue ball"Armed, yes, but not very dangerous," Gardian, March 10, 2005
blue, March 11, 2005
blue ballDiscovery Channel program in Canada, Daily Planet, aired 3/15/2005
blue ballCollegiate Times, March 18, 2005

other websites related to the Armwrestling competition;f=5;t=003477;p= in Daily Times in NC Times in Robotics Daily in Science Daily in Space in Space Daily in Word Forge XYZ Computing,7340,L-3055749,00.html in Yediot Aharonot vie Junior in R-robot in Newstarget KJHS Technology Daily in

Biomimetic Robots and Biomimemtics

blue ball"When a man builds a woman: A tale of robotic obsession", Popular Science, Sept. 2003, pp. 60-70
blue ball"For new ideas in materials and engineering solutions, nature fills the bill", Union Tribune, June 7, 2006


Other NDEAA activity

blue ball"Boro-Robot" - Industry Outlook, AVIATION WEEK & Space Technology, August 24, 1998, page 13
blue ballMSN Website: "So You Want to Be a Rocket Man?" -- Finding career success at NASA. (April 2001)-- pdf file
blue ballPresentation at the "Take the work day," Universe, Vol. 31, Vol. 11, May 11, 2001
blue ballJPL Open House Webcast, May 19-20, 2001
blue ball"Ultrasonic Motors" by James Van Laarhoven in Poptronics, Britannica Website

Other announcements

Ultrasonic/sonic Driller/Corer (USDC)

blue ballUSDC was selected by R&D Magazine (in the Sept. 2000 issue, p. 135) as one of the 100 most innovative instruments for the year 2000
blue ball"NASA DEVELOPS A DRILL FOR THE FUTURE," NASA Press Release, April 12, 2000
blue ball"NASA Develops a Drill for the Future," brief NASA Press Release, April 12, 2000
blue ball"NASA Develops a Drill for the Future," graphics of the NASA Press Release, April 12, 2000
blue ball"Ultrasonic Drill" JPL's April 2000 Technology Spotlight
blue ball"Drilling to a better understanding of Mars and the world beyond," EXN Discover Channel, Canada (includes video), April 13, 2000
blue ball"Technology," JPL, Universe, January 5, 2001, page 2.
blue ball"Ultrasonic Drill on Mars," Maariv, Israeli daily newspaper, Aug. 19, 2001.
blue ball"Drilling into the Future", JPL's Technology Spotlight, Sept. 7, 2001.
blue ball"Space Drills For Mining the Future", article in, Sept. 12, 2001
blue ball"Tool Time In Space: Drilling With Lasers and Ultrasound" , page 2 of the article in, Sept. 19, 2001

JPL's Technology Gallery

blue ballJPL's Technology Gallery
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