The Advanced Technologies Group and its NDEAA Lab – collection of photos

Luncheon for Francesco Di Dea on Nov. 19, 2014
From right to left – Dr. Mircea Badescu, Francesco Di Dea (intern, 355N-Affiliate), 
Jennifer Hasenoehrl (355B-Affiliate), Vercellotti Luca (intern, 355N-Affiliate), 
Dr. Hyeong Jae Lee, Dr. Mike Lih, Dr. Zensheu Chang, Dr. Xiaoqi Bao, 
Tyler Winn, (intern, 355N-Affiliate), Dr. Hamid Chabok, (Postdoc, 355N-Affiliate), 
Dr. Yosi Bar-Cohen and Dr. Stewart Sherrit.





















Members of the Electroactive Technologies Group during the 2014 Pumpkin Carving

Contest of Section 355 (10-30-2014).  The components below the pumpkin were 3D printed

by the intern Tyler Winn.  From left to right: Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Luca Vercellotti*,

Francesco Di Dea*, and Drs. Stewart Sherrit, Mircea Badescu, and Xiaoqi Bao.



* Interns
















Members of the Advanced Technologies Group creating a masterpiece pumpkin

during the 2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest of Section 352.  From left to right:

Dr. Mircea Badescu, Patrick Ostlund*, Jennifer Hasenoehrl*, Nobi Takano*,

Dr. Hyeong Jae Lee, and Dr. Stewart Sherrit.



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